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Who Are You?

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Inspired by Mistake No. 7 from The Termiteffect

Understanding your strengths is important for everyone but it is vital for business owners.

In Michael Gerber’s small business classic, The E-Myth, he defines three personalities that all business owners assume – the Technician, the Entrepreneur, and the Manager. He argues that we are all a mixture of these three personalities.

  • The Entrepreneur tends to be someone who is creative, innovative, restless, easily bored, and sees opportunity around every corner. They are the dreamers.
  • The Technician is tactical, or technical, in nature. They are the doers. They love “the work”.
  • The Manager is the pragmatist. They crave order and tend to be strategic planners. As you can tell, all three of these personalities are required to run a successful business.

Which of these do you relate to most?

Once you answer that question, you must begin playing to your strengths and propping up your areas of weakness. You do this by surrounding yourself with a strong team.  For example, if your dominant personality is a Technician, hire a Manager to run the day-to-day operations of the business and sprinkle in an Entrepreneur to help you avoid complacency and inject some creativity into your business development.

If you are an Entrepreneur, you must understand that you will most likely get bored with the business once it is up and running. You are most fulfilled when trying something new. Once the “new” becomes “old”, you tend to lose interest. Make sure you bring on a Technician and a Manager to run your business so that you can move on to the next great thing while still taking advantage of your most recent endeavor.  |

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