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Leadership Tips

Inspired by Mistake No. 24 from The Termite Effect

In Chapter 24 of The Termite Effect, I outline three rules that I recognized all great leaders possess:

  1. They follow The Golden Rule.
  2. They hold themselves and those whom they lead accountable. 
  3. They have credibility.

I recently came across an article on by Kara Ohngren in which she listed several attributes of a leader. I would like to share with you.

  • Assemble a dedicated team
  • Believe in your team
  • Keep your team engaged
  • Create a “team charter”
  • Don’t assume
  • Over communicate
  • Dole out credit
  • Be authentic
  • Stay calm
  • Know your obstacles

How many of these attributes do you wish to improve upon? Pick one and try to improve it over the next 30 days. |


What is Leadership?

Excerpt from Mistake #24 from The Termite Effect:

Leadership is one of the most often written about topics in business publications and blogs. Having consumed countless articles and books on the subject, I want to give you my two cents.

When I discuss leadership, I look at it from the perspective of someone running a company or an organization – not from the perspective of the military or politics.

What I have synthesized over the years is as follows:

If you operate your own business, you are a leader whether you like it or not.
Many business owners and entrepreneurs are thrust into the leadership role with no formal training much like parenthood. Trial by fire is more the rule than the exception.

Leadership, in its simplest form, is not complicated.
There are three major qualities that all great leaders tend to display:

  1. The Golden Rule – Treat others as you would want to be treated if in their shoes. This feeds #2 and #3 below.
  2. Accountability – Hold yourself accountable and set your bar higher than that of anyone else.
  3. Credibility – Lead by example. Do what you say you will do.

Boss or Friend
Business owners often struggle with the balancing act between being their employees’ friend and their boss. After all, in this environment your employees are just like family. How you straddle the fence is key to the performance of your team. In my coaching practice, I encourage my clients who struggle with this to precede serious, work-related conversations with the words, “I am speaking to you as your boss right now” followed by whatever critique, constructive criticism or praise is required. Be deliberate about drawing the line.

Hire people whose strengths are your weaknesses
Taking this one step further, make every effort to allow your employees to work in capacities that play to their strengths. They will perform better, be more productive, and enjoy coming to work each day.

Leadership is NOT . . .
Leadership is not about building consensus. You are the leader, which implies that someone is following you. So make decisions and lead!

As a leader you play many roles – teacher, disciplinarian, coach, boss, friend, mentor, conductor, encourager. Juggling all of these roles is the key to effective leadership and, unfortunately, there are no short-cuts to becoming a successful leader. |

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